This blog came about as a way to try to digest what I saw happening around me in the IT industry.  How do others think about and deal with IT leadership problems, both technical and interpersonal?

When I was first in a management position, I winged it.  As long as no one got injured playing with scissors and I kept people excited about their work, I considered my job done.  Then I went to visit partner companies in Silicon Valley and got introduced to proper engineering leadership.  This style of management meant to me, applying the same rigour and discipline to leading a team as one did with their engineering work.  Now I knew what I was looking for, I read books, went to Meetups, found mentors and experimented with ideas when I had the chance.

This blog is a collection of what I have learnt over the past five years as well as musing on the present and future.This blog came about as a way to try and understand what was going on around us and to try and think about how to do it better next time.